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tr.v. de·hy·dro·chlo·rin·at·ed, de·hy·dro·chlo·rin·at·ing, de·hy·dro·chlo·rin·ates
To remove hydrogen and chlorine or hydrogen chloride from (a compound).

de·hy′dro·chlo′ri·na′tion n.
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The first stage degradation, which occurred in the range of 235-340 degC were due to dehydrochlorination during the thermal degradation of PVC [16].
They can metabolize insecticides by facilitating their reductive dehydrochlorination or by conjugating glutathione to xenobiotic compounds with electrophilic centers (e.
Degradation in PVC begins with a process known as dehydrochlorination, an impressive term for the loss of hydrogen chloride.
The acceleration of dehydrochlorination by these radicals is
He describes the additives according to function, such as plasticizers, optical brighteners, lubricants, nucleating agents, dehydrochlorination stabilizers, metal deactivators, and compatibilizers.
The active congener of DDT is metabolized by reductive dehydrochlorination to the most stable and common form of DDE (Kitamura et al.
This is explainable because during the process of vulcanization these highly chlorinated polymers are subject to effective dehydrochlorination (for example, by ZnO that is always present in rubber mixes) resulting in unsaturation in the chain of polymers that is easily destroyed by ozone attack.
There are special cases such as dehydrochlorination leading to the discoloration and embrittlement of poly(vinyl chloride) and photo-Fries reactions contributing to the degradation of polycarbonates.
The thermo gravimetric analyzer (TGA) thermograms of a and AY blends system showed that there is two stage thermal degradation, the first stage degradation of PMMA/PVC is due to dehydrochlorination of PVC.
gambiae, an important African malarial vector, the increased rate of DDT dehydrochlorination in the resistant vector strain was associated with quantitative increase of GST enzymes that included Delta and Epsilon classes (13).