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A small carnivorous theropod dinosaur of the genus Deinonychus of the Cretaceous Period, characterized by sickle-shaped talons and powerful jaws.

[New Latin Deinonychus, genus name : Greek deinos, fearful, terrifying + Greek onux, onukh-, nail, claw; see nogh- in Indo-European roots.]


a genus of carnivorous dinosaur which existed in the early Cretaceous period, notable for the unusually large curved claws on the second toe of its feet
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Noun1.deinonychus - swift agile wolf-sized bipedal dinosaur having a large curved claw on each hind footdeinonychus - swift agile wolf-sized bipedal dinosaur having a large curved claw on each hind foot; of the Cretaceous
maniraptor - advanced carnivorous theropod
genus Deinonychus - advanced bipedal carnivorous dinosaur
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After Violet Dancer had never looked likely to catch leader Deinonychus in the 1m4f maiden, Moore blamed himself.
The iconic Velociraptor hails from Mongolia, but the popular perception of raptors, as seen in 'Jurassic Park,' is modeled after a Montana-dwelling predator called Deinonychus.
Palaeontologist John Ostrom's work in the 1970s describing the dinosaurian "raptor" Deinonychus reopened the debate with new evidence that supported a theropod ancestry for birds.
Washington, Dec 15 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have described how dinosaurs like Velocriaptor and Deinonychus used their famous killer claws, which leads to new hypothesis on the evolution of flight in birds.
Also featured are the Stegosaurus and the Deinonychus Slasher.
Nearby is another, more-distant cousin, Allosaurus; the raptor Deinonychus and Cryolophosaurus, one of the first dinosaurs found in Antarctica.
exhibit provides a brush-up on a bunch of them, including the perhaps less familiar parasaurolophus, dilophosaurus, compsognathus, pachycephalosaurus, rhamphorhynchus and deinonychus.
Deinonychus and its relatives, a group of bipedal, meat-eating dinosaurs collectively known as raptors, gained a fearsome reputation because of the enlarged, sicklelike claw they had on each foot.
Another of the show's stars was an animatronic Deinonychus, which is a Velociraptor-like dinosaur, attacking a large but quite helpless Tenontosaurus, which looks like the more well known Diplodocus.