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1. The act of splitting or separating a laminate into layers.
2. Embryology The splitting of the blastoderm into two layers of cells to form a gastrula.


(diˌlæm əˈneɪ ʃən)

1. a splitting apart into layers.
2. the separation of a primordial cell layer into two layers by a process of cell migration.
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Hocheng and Tsao [1] studied the influence of five different drill geometries on thrust force and delamination of carbon fiber reinforced composites: twist drill, saw drill, stick drill, core drill and step drill.
Compared to coatings made with competitive products, hybrid formulations featuring SiVance C2010 resin enable formulators to avoid the cracking, delamination and blistering that lead to corrosion and failure of metal pipes, tanks and equipment.
Issues with glass delamination and the generation of both visible and subvisible flakes and particulates in marketed drug products have increased significantly within the last several years, leading to numerous recalls.
The innovation called SCHOTT Vials Delamination Controlled (DC) is being received very positively and is now more and more being qualified within the pharmaceutical industry in the US and in Europe.
The rupture of the plate after fatigue and aging was followed by acoustic emission, for a better understanding of different phenomena (debonding, delamination and fracture of matrix and fibers) that occur in the material during the various tests [5-7].
An analogous analysis is now presented for quasi-static mode I (tensile opening) delamination tests performed on carbon-fiber poly-ether-ether-ketone composite laminates with simultaneous insitu AE monitoring and X-ray radiography using an imaging system with video recording.
A key factor in the design of structures from composite materials is the prediction of failure of the fibre, matrix and interlaminar delamination.
Elevated sections and bridge decks in particular are prone to problems of delamination and corrosion of steel reinforcement bars.
The result was a 100% pass with no color loss or degradation, as well as no graphic delamination or diminishing.
The presence of glass delamination flakes in product solutions is of particular concern.
Since 2008, glass delamination has been the subject of recalls for a variety of drug products.
High tensile arid adhesion strength on polarizer films, PMMA, glass, and ITO-coated glass to prevent delamination during RA testing.