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1. Greatly pleasing to the taste; delicious. See Synonyms at delicious.
2. Greatly pleasing; delightful: found her anecdotes delectable.
3. Sexually attractive or alluring.
Something delightful or delicious: a feast of home-cooked delectables.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin dēlectābilis, from dēlectāre, to please; see delight.]

de·lec′ta·bil′i·ty, de·lec′ta·ble·ness n.
de·lec′ta·bly adv.
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Noun1.delectability - extreme appetizingnessdelectability - extreme appetizingness    
appetisingness, appetizingness - the property of stimulating the appetite
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With everything made from exquisite natural ingredients, Fresh Basil highlights the importance of healthy living in the city, bringing delectability and clean-eating together in a well-fashioned dining table.
The deliciousness of knowledge was emphasized the day boys entered cheder and were handed a slate with Hebrew letters smeared with honey, which they were instructed to lick off, a palpable and tasty lesson in the delectability of consuming wisdom.
It adjusts counts for delectability, which allows the estimation of absolute density and abundance of wild animals, including birds (Marques et al.
The performance of Scooters Pizza in Windhoek has met all of our expectations, and we are delighted that consumers have embraced the delectability of our meal offerings.
For weaker effects more dense records (of order of 10 Hz) may improve the delectability of seismic displacements.
According to a recent study, TOF scans can help to improve lung and liver lesion delectability.
True Confections certainly delivers that delectability.