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 (dĕl′ĭ-gāt′, -gĭt)
1. A person authorized to act as representative for another; a deputy or agent.
2. A representative to a conference or convention.
3. A member of a House of Delegates, the lower house of the Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia legislature.
4. An elected or appointed representative of a US territory in the House of Representatives who is entitled to speak but not vote.
tr.v. (-gāt′) del·e·gat·ed, del·e·gat·ing, del·e·gates
1. To authorize and send (another person) as one's representative.
2. To commit or entrust to another: delegate a task to a subordinate.

[Middle English delegat, from Medieval Latin dēlēgātus, from past participle of dēlēgāre, to dispatch : Latin dē-, de- + Latin lēgāre, to send; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

del′e·ga′tor n.


a person who delegates
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Only one in four employer entrepreneurs -- business leaders who are founders of a company with at least one employee -- have high levels of Delegator talent.
This mission includes the reception of Travellers in the area, management of departure and energy consumption of the occupants, the daily monitoring of the occupation of the land, property maintenance and regular contact with the delegator and partners.
The Craven Stakes will tell us whether odds of 4-1 accurately represent the Lawman colt's chance of going one place better than 2009 Craven winner Delegator, who beat everything bar Sea The Stars when sent by Meehan to the Guineas.
Dubai Delegator bids to atone for his disappointment at Glorious Goodwood last month when he contests the Group Two CGA Hungerford Stakes over seven furlongs at Newbury today.
TEAM GODOLPHIN are looking forward to the July Cup with Delegator following an impressive piece of work on the gallops.
JULY CUP favourite Delegator will have to run the race of his life to lift Newmarket's Group 1 speed test on Saturday, Godolphin racing manager Simon Crisford admitted yesterday.
DELEGATOR can prove himself the top-class sprinter that we are crying out for by winning the July Cup at Newmarket this week.
And DELEGATOR can ram home the point with another success at the premier Flat meeting in the Golden Jubilee Stakes (3.
DELEGATOR has bounced out of his impressive win in the Duke of York Stakes in great form.
Gerry Galligan's horse was just touched off by last year's 2000 Guineas runner-up Delegator in a Listed event at Newbury last Friday.
Trainer Saeed bin Suroor expects significant improvement from a neck defeat of Sir Gerry, who tried to bite Delegator just before the line, in the Dubai Duty Free Cup.
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