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tr.v. de·le·git·i·mized, de·le·git·i·miz·ing, de·le·git·i·miz·es
To discredit the public or political recognition or support of.

de′le·git′i·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌdiːlɪˈdʒɪtɪˌmaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make invalid, illegal, or unacceptable: crushing and delegitimizing all dissent in Central Asia.
ˌdelegitimiˈzation, ˌdelegitimiˈsation n
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Governments are the targets of this asymmetric warfare, which primarily seeks to use the legal system to damage or delegitimise an enemy, tie up their time or to win a public relations victory.
Such actions will only delegitimise the struggle for democracy in the country.
When people sink to such tactics, they delegitimise their arguments and make progressive change less easy to achieve.
It suggests developing a narrative to counter IS, "including through the empowerment and increased visibility of mainstream Muslim scholars who have the credibility to delegitimise ISIS propaganda.
The BDS campaign attempts to delegitimise Israel in an effort to advance Palestinian interests.
New Delhi has an obligation to live up to its own ethics and delegitimise Israel.
The Supreme Judicial Council's announcement that judges would monitor the December 15 vote across the country comes as a blow to President Mohamed Morsi's opponents, including judges, who had hoped to delegitimise the referendum.
We do not want and we do not seek to delegitimize Israel by applying for membership in the United Nations, but to delegitimise its settlement activities and the seizure of our occupied lands," Abbas said, AP reported.
This is not at all possible because we do not want to isolate Israel or to delegitimise it.
I will be frank: We are hoping to see more courageous positions by mainstream pro-Israel Jewish American organisations on policies, such as settlement expansion, that not only delegitimise but actually threaten the potential existence of a Palestinian state.
Last week I reported on growing attention to Israel's false legitimacy and the proposals made to delegitimise it.
We are struggling to delegitimise the ongoing attempts to delegitimise Israel.
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