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tr.v. de·le·git·i·mized, de·le·git·i·miz·ing, de·le·git·i·miz·es
To discredit the public or political recognition or support of.

de′le·git′i·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌdiːlɪˈdʒɪtɪˌmaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make invalid, illegal, or unacceptable: crushing and delegitimizing all dissent in Central Asia.
ˌdelegitimiˈzation, ˌdelegitimiˈsation n
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Attempts to marginalize the Holocaust and compare it to the genocides of other peoples are used to delegitimize the establishment of the Jewish State and its message to the world: Never Again.
While the PLO never upheld its pledge to remove the clauses from its national covenant which delegitimize the Jewish state and endorse an armed struggle against it, the letters of recognition nevertheless formed the basis for Israel's acceptance of the Palestinian Authority's establishment and operation in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.
He added that the decision would delegitimize the United States as an arbiter in the peace process.
Security Council should focus on rejecting efforts to delegitimize Israel, recognize the reality that Jerusalem is Israel's capital, and start moving their embassies there.
If they can delegitimize the Founders themselves, it goes a long way toward their agenda of delegitimizing the founding principles of our nation.
Speaking to Voice of Palestine radio, Qaraqi said that Israel aims by this act to delegitimize the Palestinian national struggle and to deny the prisoners the right to be identified as prisoners of freedom who have sacrificed to become free from the occupation.
We will do our best do delegitimize such fascist approaches," he added.
The purpose of the campaign is to delegitimize Trump's presidency by continuing to hit on themes drawn from the narrative that Russia "hacked" the election and stole it away from Clinton.
officials was an attempt to delegitimize the incoming president.
Briefing the newsmen in Washington, State Department Deputy Spokesman, Mark Toner said that, 'The United States wants Pakistan to take actions to combat and delegitimize all terrorist groups operating on its soil.
Further, there are concerns that mainstream news media produce so little coverage of transgender issues and individuals that their absence further serves to delegitimize transgender political claims.
With no sense of irony or shame and with righteous zeal, illiberals pursue "racist, sexist, misogynist, and homophobic attacks" in order to delegitimize an individual or group expressing ideas different from their "already decided" world views.
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