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A sign indicating that something is to be removed from printed or written matter.
tr.v. de·led, de·le·ing, de·les
1. To remove, especially from printed or written matter; delete.
2. To mark with a sign indicating deletion.

[Latin dēlē, second person sing. imperative of dēlēre, to delete.]


n, pl deles
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a sign (δ) indicating that typeset matter is to be deleted. Compare stet
vb, deles, deleing or deled
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) (tr) to mark (matter to be deleted) with a dele
[C18: from Latin: delete (imperative), from dēlēre to destroy, obliterate; see delete]


(ˈdi li)

v. de•led, de•le•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to delete.
2. a mark, as ƛ or Ɣ, used to indicate matter to be deleted.
[1695–1705; < Latin dēlē 2nd pers. singular imperative of dēlēre, to destroy]


Past participle: deled
Gerund: deleing

I dele
you dele
he/she/it deles
we dele
you dele
they dele
I deled
you deled
he/she/it deled
we deled
you deled
they deled
Present Continuous
I am deleing
you are deleing
he/she/it is deleing
we are deleing
you are deleing
they are deleing
Present Perfect
I have deled
you have deled
he/she/it has deled
we have deled
you have deled
they have deled
Past Continuous
I was deleing
you were deleing
he/she/it was deleing
we were deleing
you were deleing
they were deleing
Past Perfect
I had deled
you had deled
he/she/it had deled
we had deled
you had deled
they had deled
I will dele
you will dele
he/she/it will dele
we will dele
you will dele
they will dele
Future Perfect
I will have deled
you will have deled
he/she/it will have deled
we will have deled
you will have deled
they will have deled
Future Continuous
I will be deleing
you will be deleing
he/she/it will be deleing
we will be deleing
you will be deleing
they will be deleing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been deleing
you have been deleing
he/she/it has been deleing
we have been deleing
you have been deleing
they have been deleing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been deleing
you will have been deleing
he/she/it will have been deleing
we will have been deleing
you will have been deleing
they will have been deleing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been deleing
you had been deleing
he/she/it had been deleing
we had been deleing
you had been deleing
they had been deleing
I would dele
you would dele
he/she/it would dele
we would dele
you would dele
they would dele
Past Conditional
I would have deled
you would have deled
he/she/it would have deled
we would have deled
you would have deled
they would have deled


vtstreichen, tilgen (geh)
nDeleatur nt, → Deleaturzeichen nt
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