de·light′some·ly adv.
de·light′some·ness n.


literary another word for delightful


(dɪˈlaɪt səm)

References in classic literature ?
Laurie's eyes followed her with pleasure, for she neither romped nor sauntered, but danced with spirit and grace, making the delightsome pastime what it should be.
Polly looked carefully round to see that no fashionable eye beheld the awful deed, and finding all safe, settled her freight, and spun away down hill, feeling all over the delightsome excitement of swift motion which makes coasting such a favorite pastime with the more sensible portion of the child-world.
Come, tell me now this also, godlike Homer: what think you in your heart is most delightsome to men?
When mirth reigns throughout the town, and feasters about the house, sitting in order, listen to a minstrel; when the tables beside them are laden with bread and meat, and a wine-bearer draws sweet drink from the mixing-bowl and fills the cups: this I think in my heart to be most delightsome.
The which of many thinges in him be straunge, I know will seeme the straungest, the wordes themselves being so auncient, the knittinge of them so short and intricate, and the whole periode and compasse of his speache so delightsome for the roundnesse, and so grave for the strangenesse.
This he could not comply with, but signified that I must go and see him) -- I do not recollect more particulars -- But I had an ideas that he was gone to a delightsome place -- among happy people and the man (as it seemed) which he lived with wished to have me go and see him -- My mind somehow seemed impressed with the No.
10) Strong sees the natural landscape surrounding Herbert as an antidote to lovesickness, citing Burton's words "what is more pleasant than to walk alone in some solitary grove, betwixt wood and water, by a Brook side, to meditate upon some delightsome and pleasant subject" (Elizabethan Image 67).
One departs feeling one has had a delightsome experience.
I do not recollect more particulars, but I had an idea that he was gone to a delightsome place, among happy people and the man (as it seemed) which he lived with wished to have me go and see him.