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 (dĭ-lĭm′ĭt) also de·lim·i·tate (-ĭ-tāt′)
tr.v. de·lim·it·ed, de·lim·it·ing, de·lim·its also de·lim·i·tat·ed or de·lim·i·tat·ing or de·lim·i·tates
To establish the limits or boundaries of; demarcate.

[French délimiter, from Latin dēlīmitāre : dē-, de- + līmitāre, to limit (from līmes, līmit-, boundary line).]

de·lim′i·ta′tion n.
de·lim′i·ta′tive adj.
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Adj.1.delimited - having the limits or boundaries established; "a delimited frontier through the disputed region"
finite - bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent
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Able to export reports in either Excel or delimited format
We have delimited 70% of the state border with Uzbekistan of total 1,378 km," Sapar Isakov added.
And it seemed as if nature offered him no dangerous animal to which he did not want to get close; in contrast to the rest of us, where such relationships are delimited by cages, nets, aquarium walls and admission tickets.
Tyson's paintings, which often resemble the results of a one-player game of cadavre exquis, admit to such pillagings without being delimited by them.
In the northwest region, delimited by the human cases associated with Silver-haired Bats (clade 1), the L.
For me, the occasionally truistic nature of some essays' generalizations corresponds to somewhat delimited critical and theoretical frames of reference.
Chicago is an ideal case study to investigate how economic opportunity is delimited for minority populations," they write.
Delimited (using a character such as a comma between data fields)
The Inquisition, however, concentrated on the upper orders of society - with most of the accused being evangelicals (many denounced by their wives) - shaped and here Martin discerns the emergence of three strains of evangelism by two key changes in sixteenth-century Venetian society and culture: the aristocratization and narrowing of the city's elite since Agnadello, and the partitioning of Renaissance civic religion into sharply delimited and tightly controlled spheres of sacred and profane that were central to the Counter-Reformation's "politics of the sacred.
Buildings are located on sharply delimited plateaux stretching into the common.
He poignantly and accurately identifies the dangers of remaining restricted and delimited to rehabilitation systems, professionals, and persons with disabilities and their families.
The file the State of Delaware will provide will be a comma delimited, *.