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 (dĭ-lĭng′kwənt, -lĭn′-)
1. Failing to do what law or duty requires.
2. Overdue in payment: a delinquent account.
1. A juvenile delinquent.
2. A person who neglects or fails to do what law or duty requires.

[Latin dēlinquēns, dēlinquent-, present participle of dēlinquere, to offend : dē-, de- + linquere, to leave, abandon; see leikw- in Indo-European roots.]

de·lin′quent·ly adv.
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Meanwhile, landscapers at a resort in Antigua are getting out of hand, according to this sign: "Our gardeners work delinquently.
When filing the late FBARs, now electronically, the taxpayer must list "Other" as the reason for filing delinquently and specify "Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.
If the rights-violation is culpable, the rights-violator incurs his debt in delinquent fashion and punishment is appropriate; the rights-violator is obliged to repay the debt he has delinquently incurred.