della Robbia

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del·la Rob·bia

 (dĕl′ə rō′bē-ə, dĕl′lä rōb′byä), Luca 1400?-1482.
Italian sculptor noted for his works in glazed terra cotta, including many images of the Nativity.

della Robbia

(Italian ˈdɛlla ˈrobbja)
(Biography) See Robbia


(ˈroʊ bi ə)

Andrea della, 1435–1525, and his uncle, Luca della, c1400–82, Italian sculptors.
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Though I like things like the Della Robbia babies better.
Madame Bernhardt took a very great interest in the local Della Robbia pottery industry, and when Mr Rathbone (the art director) was holding an exhibition some years ago the great tragedienne made a special visit to inspect it.
Other works will show the influence of, amongst others, Andrea della Robbia, Alfred Gilbert and Jagger.
ARTS and Crafts specialist dealer Alison Davey, below , of AD Antiques, from Staffordshire, will be exhibiting a number of rare examples of the Della Robbia pottery at next week's four-day Autumn Antiques and Fine Art Show at Chester Racecourse.
For example, he juxtaposes the competition between Ghiberti and Brunelleschi for the Baptistry Doors and the competing choir lofts of Donatello and della Robbia for the Cathedral, with the cooperation between Masaccio and Masolino in the frescoes for the Brancacci Chapel.
Her Della Robbia plate was valued by Philip Serrell who described it as very rare and estimated a PS800 guide price at auction.
The enamelled terracotta roundels of the Labours of the Months that Luca della Robbia made for the scrittoio between 1450 and 1456 are wonderful objects in their own right.
Della Robbia pottery from Birkenhead, Herculanaeum porcelain from Otterspool, and William Gawin Herdman's Pictorial Relics of Liverpool book were local items which sparked bidding wars.
Luca della Robbia received part of his pay for his terra cotta Resurrection in Florence Cathedral for his industria et inventionem ad inveniendum dictum laborium, and a separate part for his magisterio, his qualifications as a professional; since the imagery is traditional, inventione appears to be the compositional design (Marquand, 75).
A BIRKENHEAD artist's involvement with the famous Della Robbia factory in the early 1900s has been uncovered by his great-granddaughter.
Famous names are represented with adverts for the Liverpool Overhead Railway and the Della Robbia Pottery & Marble Co, of 7 Berry Street, whose richly-decorated porcelain and pottery from its Price Street works in Birkenhead are now represented in the town's Williamson Art Gallery.
In the life of Luca della Robbia, Vasari distinguishes between the majority of artists who "cammina sempre risoluto alla perfezione con molta agevolezza," and a minority who "do not work well without working slowly.