della Robbia

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del·la Rob·bia

 (dĕl′ə rō′bē-ə, dĕl′lä rōb′byä), Luca 1400?-1482.
Italian sculptor noted for his works in glazed terra cotta, including many images of the Nativity.

della Robbia

(Italian ˈdɛlla ˈrobbja)
(Biography) See Robbia


(ˈroʊ bi ə)

Andrea della, 1435–1525, and his uncle, Luca della, c1400–82, Italian sculptors.
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Though I like things like the Della Robbia babies better.
Although we do not know when or where he was born, and there is no record of him in Italy, there is good reason to suppose that he was trained as a potter in the Florentine region, and that he received much of his training in the della Robbia workshop, where he would have been a contemporary of Luca della Robbia the Younger.
com and contains an important Della Robbia Birkenhead pottery charger designed by Lena Pierce just before she died in the 1890s.
The authenticity of an almost life-size Bust of Christ and of a somewhat later, puzzlingly expressive Bust of a man, which appears to have been made by Girolamo della Robbia after 1526, was confirmed by thermoluminescence testing.
The event is also due to mark the 120th anniversary of the opening of the Della Robbia design centre - now the site of the Rathbone Studio Gallery in Birkenhead.
EXHIBITION ON SITE OF DELLA ROBBIA A GALLERY based on the site of the Della Robbia pottery centre in Birkenhead is set to host a new exhibition by local artists.
Near that exhibition is one dedicated to Della Robbia pottery, also made here in imitation of the finest Italian styles.
On close inspection it turned out to be made by the designer Charles Collis for the Della Robbia factory, Birkenhead.
The connection to the past is apparent in the works that have been produced over the years, none more so than in Italian artist Stefano Arienti's interpretation of a Renaissance masterpiece by Giovanni della Robbia.
Port Sunlight Museum, 23, King George's Drive, Wirral, 0151 644 6466 - Wed, 11 Oct Della Robbia Pottery Talk Find out more about Della Robbia Pottery in this free talk by Colin Simpson, Principal Museums Officer at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum.
The grand smoking room was in Italian Renaissance again, with a marble chimneypiece, surmounted by a carved wooden hood copied from a Della Robbia original.
I suppose nothing brings the real air of a Tuscan town so vividly to mind as those pieces of blue and white earthenware,' Walter Pater observed in 1888 when writing about the work of the Della Robbia family.