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The collection and study of postcards.

[From Greek deltion, diminutive of deltos, writing tablet, letter.]

del′ti·ol′o·gist n.


(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) the collection and study of picture postcards
[C20: from Greek deltion, diminutive of deltos a writing tablet + -logy]
ˌdeltiˈologist n


the collecting of picture postcards.
See also: Collections and Collecting
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Deltiology - postcard collecting to you and me - is an increasingly popular pastime and in the past few years the low prices of cards have started to creep up.
Walter Carr gave members of the Cleadon Village Men's Fellowship a talk on deltiology, the collection of postcards.
He was educated at Red House comprehensive school in Sunderland and lists DIY as one of his hobbies, as well as gardening and deltiology ( the collecting of postcards.