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a. The act or process of deluding.
b. The state of being deluded.
a. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.
b. Psychiatry A false belief or perception that is a manifestation of a mental illness: delusions of persecution.

[Middle English delusioun, from Latin dēlūsiō, dēlūsiōn-, from dēlūsus, past participle of dēlūdere, to delude; see delude.]

de·lu′sion·al adj.
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Adj.1.delusional - suffering from or characterized by delusions
psychoneurotic, neurotic - affected with emotional disorder
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Where persecutIon is delusionally expected, there is a liability for it to be provoked in an attempt to be provoked in an attempt to get away from madness and delusion.
A is a set of activating events which results in cognitive, affective, and/or behavioral consequences-or so the person delusionally believes.
Saddam delusionally viewed himself as a "hero" of the Arab people and celebrated himself often though verse.
She enjoys running public meetings where citizens shout at her about how she and the parks department "suck" which she delusionally describes as "people caring loudly at me.
Consider Daniel M'Naghten, who delusionally believed that the
Here's the brutal truth: If your standards are delusionally sky-high, your dream guy will be just that--the kind of hunk who can only exist in your head.