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also de luxe  (dĭ-lŭks′, -lo͝oks′)
Particularly elegant, luxurious, or elaborate for its kind; of superior quality or refinement: deluxe accommodations; a de luxe automobile; a hamburger deluxe.
In an elegant and luxurious manner; sumptuously: traveling deluxe.

[French de luxe, of luxury : de, of + luxe, luxury.]


or de luxe

(dəˈlʌks, -ˈlʊks)

of special elegance or sumptuousness.
[1810–20; < French de luxe of luxury]


- Once two words, it is French for "of luxury."
See also related terms for luxury.
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Adj.1.deluxe - rich and superior in quality; "a princely sum"; "gilded dining rooms"
rich - suggestive of or characterized by great expense; "a rich display"
2.deluxe - elegant and sumptuous; "a deluxe car"; "luxe accommodations"
elegant - refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style; "elegant handwriting"; "an elegant dark suit"; "she was elegant to her fingertips"; "small churches with elegant white spires"; "an elegant mathematical solution--simple and precise and lucid"


de luxe
adjective luxurious, grand, select, special, expensive, rich, exclusive, superior, elegant, costly, splendid, gorgeous, sumptuous, plush (informal), opulent, palatial, splendiferous (facetious) a de luxe hotel in the Victorian Grand style
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