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 (dĕm′ə-gŏj′ĭk, -gŏg′-, -gō′jĭk) also dem·a·gog·i·cal (-gŏj′ĭ-kəl, -gŏg′-, -gō′jĭ-kəl)
Of, relating to, or characteristic of a demagogue.

dem′a·gog′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.demagogical - characteristic of or resembling a demagogue; "demagogic speeches"
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Since June 7, the AKP government has been attempting to bring in line the will of the majority -- which voted against its continued rule -- in line with its own, thus exposing the demagogical nature of its concept of "national will.
Claims that the United States is also being spied on are purely demagogical," Pushkov said.
The semantic range of the expression is staggeringly wide but always derogatory, from a menial "My two-year old can do that" to a scatological "It's crap," via the usual demagogical protest against elitism and her-meticism.
For apart from self-serving demagogical rhetoric, which carries with it its own refutation, and apart from those afflicted with "organic mendacity," (45) practically all the respected and respectable moralizing rhetoric that we can hear on television or read in newspapers and journals of opinion, to say nothing of scientific journals, also seems to flow in that direction.
As David Cole has recently pointed out in this vein, President Obama has given up even trying to employ the presidential bully pulpit, here as in other policy arenas too often letting demagogical critics define the terms of the debate.
Subsequently, Daouk corroborated that stability would not be properly anchored and enrooted had it not been for a rational dialogue, away from narrow personal and demagogical considerations.
The new party was to be "a catalysis of the political opposition, as a central party, without rigid ideology, as a live body, which is both flexible and away from popular, demagogical tendencies.
The Shiv Sena supremo was one of the few politicians whose power stemmed from their demagogical skills and their ability to sway the masses.
Resorting to the street is demagogical and only contributes to reinforcing lawlessness," Hoteit said.
Others doubt whether it is genuinely revolutionary, while its greatest detractors see it as- a- demagogical, populist front for the mass appropriation of power by Chavez.
The Assembly called on the UN, the General Assembly, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Arba Parliamentary Union, Arab and Islamic parliaments and the Asian Parliamentary Assembly to unite against these demagogical and irresponsible steps, noting that this Israeli act is directed towards those who are still under the illusion that the current Israeli government seeks peace and, on this basis, they continue to grant it with gifts.
What is present, instead, is a demagogical policy that is backfiring against the entire people of Iran.