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Increased demand for a limited supply of goods and services, tending to cause consumer prices to increase.

de·mand′-pull′ adj.
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There are basically two kinds of inflation: demand-pull and cost-push inflation, and it is a widely accepted fact that inflation in Turkey is caused by demand, not costs.
Demand-pull inflation will rise, but stay at manageable, low single-digit levels.
Inflationary pressures will remain subdued over the coming months due to easing agricultural prices and low demand-pull price dynamics.
But it is not due to sellers' greedait is simply the trend of demand-pull market economics," said Professor Aung Tun Thet, a member of the State Socio-Economic Development Advisory Counsil and advisor to the United Nations Development Program.
0% yoy, pointing to rather modest demand-pull inflationary pressure and stable inflation expectations.
Governments can use indirect monetary instruments and macro-prudential measures to manage liquidity, however S&P views these instruments as insufficient particularly when an economy is faced with imported, demand-pull inflation, as well as supply-push inflation as was the case in the GCC during 2007-2008.
The Bank of Russia estimates showed that considerable demand-pull price pressures are not present even though there are indications that inflation is spreading to other consumer market segments in addition to the food and regulated prices and tariffs.
Inflationary pressure is expected to be predominantly supply-driven, in the first half of the forecast period, with consumption expenditure increasing in 2014 with slight demand-pull inflation.
From a macroeconomic perspective, China's current inflation is attributable both to demand-pull and cost-push factors.
Amid rising demand-pull inflationary pressure, the country's consumer
But in the future, upward pressures are expected to build continuously, owing to the increase in demand-pull pressures associated with the continued upturn in economic activity.
However, the rapid diffusion of 2G definitely indicates demand-pull in innovation.

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