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1. Requiring much effort or attention: exhausted by a demanding job.
2. Requiring others to work hard or meet high expectations: a demanding teacher.

de·mand′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.demandingly - in a demanding manner; "he became demandingly dominant over the years"
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Shaken, Yakari speaks a little too demandingly to his pony Little Thunder, wounding his four-legged friend who immediately runs away.
As Marie Loughlin has argued, "Lanyer sets herself the far more difficult task of presenting as equally and demandingly urgent the spiritual as well as material desires of herself, her dedicatees and her readers.
When Bobby attempts to interrupt their negotiation, Ali demandingly tells him, "Be quiet
Though they were all beautiful and rich, Capote's favorite was Babe Paley, the exquisite, kind, perfect wife of the larger-than-life, demandingly self-centered founder of CBS.
It's both deeply psychological and demandingly physical--if you get in the way of it, all of a sudden the mask doesn't reveal.
The process is admittedly arduous--intense, consuming, demandingly meticulous--but there's a certain satisfaction, he says, in working with a strange, innovative format.
Pointing to the lead article title and author, she somewhat demandingly asked, "Is this you?
Fully spent and justifiably proud, he will drag out his deer to later share in tranquility his hard-earned venison with special friends -- a few of whom may understand his tale and what drives a bow hunter to challenge himself so demandingly at the peak of the rut.
Irreproachable vocally, the Canadian alto brings fragility and profound emotion to this demandingly heroic role.
More boots on the land he should have demandingly asked them for to establish the state's writ all over the country and to restore it to peace, normality and stability.
I called her while watching my son at a track meet--slightly multitasky, I know, but much less demandingly so than usual.
Engineers of Victory is a demandingly complex account of a relatively neglected side of the World War II.