demerara rum

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Noun1.demerara rum - dark rum from Guyana
rum - liquor distilled from fermented molasses
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try the Tiki Foreplay with Bacardi Anejo, El Dorado 8-year-old Demerara Rum, Balsam Amaro, blood orange, magnolia, strawberry, pineapple and passion fruit.
It is full-bodied and layers of caramelised fig, cinnamon infused poached pears and damson cordial are wonderfully infused with notes of toasted walnuts, syrupy Morello cherries and great aged demerara rum.
99, are Screech Honey Rum, an oak-aged Jamaican rum, and Screech Spiced Rum, a blend of four- to eight-year aged Demerara Rum and natural spices, and imported from Guyana.
El Dorado 15 Year Old Demerara Rum is made in Guyana and has been judged the Best Rum in the World for the last seven years at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition.