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A rich, reduced brown sauce usually seasoned with wine and used as a base for other sauces.

[French : demi-, demi- (from demi, half, from Old French; see demi-) + glace, glaze, heavily reduced sauce (from Old French, ice; see glacier).]
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Although some savvy home cooks had already learned to make their own by reading Julia Child or watching TV cooking shows, the newfound availability of pre-made demi-glaces to consumers more than 20 years ago no doubt did more to transform American cooking than almost anything that preceded it.
The Silent Chef is an upscale ingredient manufacturer specializing in Demi-Glaces, Compound Butters, Rendered Fats, Organic Stocks, and fully prepared meats.
NEW YORK -- Following HBO's Entourage cast party Soprano's Janice Soprano, played by Alda Turturro, and Entourage's guest star, Mandy Moore along with other Entourage regulars partied and munched on The Silent Chef's Demi-Glace Pizza at the new Murray Hill hotspot, Chill Lounge.
The Pizza Demi-Glace is infused with Italian herbs, a reduction of farm fresh tomatoes, and caramelized red onions" stated Chef Adam Idris, of Kitchen Confidential fame and New York's top Pizza consultant.
Still others were offering items like demi-glaces or other essential cooking ingredients that empower a clever cook to excel without having to make the often laborious and time-consuming effort of concocting these special flavorings.
Gravies, sauces and demi-glaces can add elegance and class to your holiday meals without a lot of culinary know-how.