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 (dĕm′ē-point′, də-mē-pwăNt′)
A position in ballet in which the dancer is on the balls of the feet. Also called half-point.

[French : demi-, demi- (from demi, half, from Old French; see demi-) + pointe, pointe; see pointe.]
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Bunion-removal surgery isn't a good idea for any professional-level dancer who performs on demi-pointe, even in high heels.
For me, it was an achievement when I managed to stay on demi-pointe in retiree (translation: balanced on one bent toe with the other leg bent and its pointed toe resting above the knee of the standing leg).
The original cast wore soft slippers but worked on a high demi-pointe, with ribbons tied around their ankles in the style of pointe shoes.
I have dancer's feet - I have a high instep, and I'm comfortable on demi-pointe, which means I can do anything in heels.
demi-pointe and en pointe), which constitute the primary motor tasks performed in classical ballet and are precursors of more complex movements such as pirouette, challenge postural control.
1) Holding the barre with both hands, she rises to demi-pointe with both feet in parallel.
Cinderella, having lost one of her pointe shoes at the ball, wears the other one around the house, and dances a tender, meditative solo, one foot on pointe, the other on demi-pointe, cherishing her memories of the night before.
Prior studies have suggested that the soleus works along with the muscles of the deep lower leg compartment to control the demi-pointe position in ballet dancers.
For example, a Balanchine ballet like Theme and Variations requires you to land a jump on demi-pointe first, before putting the heel down.
Choreographer Al Blackstone insists he'd rather see two clean pirouettes on a straight leg and strong demi-pointe than five messy spins.
However, the unique placement of a female dancer's foot on demi-pointe and pointe while executing jumps and pointe work may be considered a risk factor.
I injured my fifth metatarsal when I sickled my foot on demi-pointe and fell while rehearsing a Graham piece.