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Noun1.demineralisation - abnormal loss of mineral salts (especially from bone)
pathology - any deviation from a healthy or normal condition
osteomalacia - abnormal softening of bones caused by deficiencies of phosphorus or calcium or vitamin D
2.demineralisation - the removal of minerals and mineral salts from a liquid (especially from water)
chemical action, chemical change, chemical process - (chemistry) any process determined by the atomic and molecular composition and structure of the substances involved
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Benefits include: - the driving activities and monitoring of water treatment facilities from the supervisory station and in the field, - the maintenance activities (levels 1, 2 and 3) and the maintenance of the installation in an irreproachable state of cleanliness, - sludge management, - the monitoring of certain chemical parameters, - operator training, - the supply of reagents, osmosis pre-filters, mixed beds for the demineralisation plant, - the evacuation and recovery of decarbonation sludge, - the rental of dumpsters for sludge.
Scotland-based medical devices company CALCIVIS has shared positive results from its pivotal Premarket Approval (PMA) clinical study evaluating its unique CALCIVIS imaging system in the assessment of active dental demineralisation, the company revealed on Wednesday.
La station de demineralisation de l'eau potable de Tindouf entrera en phase experimentale avant la fin de l'annee en cours, a-t-on appris hier aupres de la Direction des ressources en eau et de l'environnement (DREE).
It also provides for the acquisition and installation by GCT of demineralisation unit whose capacity is 50m3 / hour.
At the time of acid introduction in the demineralisation process, the existing collagen fibers in bone will be swelled, therefore the internal cohesion properties of the collagen fibers will decrease.
The system supplied by Aquatech will include three Multiple Effect Distillation with Thermal Vapor Compression (MED-TVC) units, each with a net capacity of 5,352 m3/day, three Fractional Electrodeionisation (FEDI(R)) demineralisation units, each with a capacity of 3,360 m3/day of ultrapure water for boiler feed, and two remineralisation dosing skids for the production of service water and potable water.
Low-levels of fluoride in plaque and saliva and their effects on the demineralisation and remin- eralisation of enamel; role of fluoride toothpastes.
Demineralisation occurs due to the natural bacteria in your mouth breaking down the 'sugar' you have in your food into acid.
Therefore, the present in vitro study aimed to evaluate the contribution of acidic medicine on bovine dental enamel subsurface demineralisation under pH cycling conditions.
Heat Exchange Products also take care of process water systems incorporating filtration, softening, demineralisation or reverse osmosis as well as "stripping-water plants", producing clean water that does not block spray-nozzles.