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a. Death.
b. The end of existence or activity; termination: the demise of the streetcar.
2. Law Transfer of an estate by lease or will.
3. The transfer of a ruler's authority by death or abdication.
v. de·mised, de·mis·ing, de·mis·es
1. Law To transfer (an estate) by will or lease.
2. To transfer (sovereignty) by abdication or will.
1. Law To be transferred by will or descent: The land demised to a charitable institution.
2. To die.

[Middle English, transfer of property, from Old French dimis, past participle of demettre, to release; see demit.]

de·mis′a·ble adj.
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At the ESA material developments have been undertaken in order to design and develop a demisable bio-composite material for load carrying applications inspacecraft platforms payloads and equipment.
The Court held the defendants were not trespassers as their land had been demisable in copy since time out of mind.
4 The property acquired by the queen was 'one messuage and one yarde lande called the Pole with thappurtenances lyeing and beinge in longney aforesaid and one Acre of meadowe lying in maddam and one Acre and one Rodd of lande lying in the Southefeild and the third parte of one pasture called Agasmeade als Brethermeade lying and being in Longhey aforesaid late in the tenure and occupacion of one Elizabeth Spicer widdowe deceased parcell of the Copiehold and Customary landes of the said mannor of Longhey and demised and demisable by Coppy of Courte Rolle of the said mannor'.