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 (dĕm′ē-tăs′, -täs′)
1. A small cup of strong black coffee or espresso.
2. The small cup used to serve this drink.

[French demi-tasse : demi-, demi- + tasse, cup (from Old French, from Arabic ṭašt, basin, from Persian tašt, from Middle Persian; akin to Avestan tašta-, cup, bowl).]


(ˈdɛmɪˌtæs; French dəmitɑs)
1. (Cookery) a small cup used to serve coffee, esp after a meal
2. (Cookery) the coffee itself
[C19: French, literally: half-cup]


(ˈdɛm ɪˌtæs, -ˌtɑs, ˈdɛm i-)

1. a small cup for serving strong black coffee.
2. the coffee served.
[1835–45; < French: literally, half-cup]
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Noun1.demitasse - small cup of strong black coffee without milk or creamdemitasse - small cup of strong black coffee without milk or cream
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"
2.demitasse - small coffee cup; for serving black coffee
coffee cup - a cup from which coffee is drunk


[ˈdemɪtæs] N [of coffee] → taza f pequeña, tacita f (de café)


n (US: = cup) → Mokkatasse f; (= coffee)Kaffee m
References in classic literature ?
He read old almanacs at the book-stalls on the quays, and he began to frequent another cafe, where more newspapers were taken and his postprandial demitasse cost him a penny extra, and where he used to con the tattered sheets for curious anecdotes, freaks of nature, and strange coincidences.
The collection includes plates, teacup and saucer, demitasse cup and saucer, breakfast cup and saucer, teapot, cream jug, sugar bowl, canister, coffee cup and saucer and sandwich tray.
Approximately the size of a demitasse, its core element is an egg-shell thin body that corresponds to the much refined porcelain of the conventional demitasse.
Hungry guests also crowded around the kitchen island, where a charcuterie station with cured meats and specialty cheeses shared space with rosemary-honey chicken biscuits and chicken gumbo served in demitasse cups.
Guests at the 60-seat New York craft cocktail bar Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog receive a demitasse cup of punch as they are seated.
Now you can enjoy a satisfying demitasse of velvety hot chocolate as a wonderful afternoon delight or the perfect end to any meal.
The cup known as a demitasse is used to serve what?
They're both quiet in the mornings, looking at each other with soft, tired eyes, then bowing their individual heads, Sarkis to his demitasse cup, Armen to his mug.
Dean's Seafood Grill & Bar has carefully selected Banfi wines to highlight the delicate and complex flavors of its dishes, including the San Angelo Pinot Grigio paired with a cucumber shrimp salad canape, and the Chardonnay accompanied by Tuna Tartare Demitasse with banana and shallot.
From her command post on a ritzy space station high up above 22nd-century Earth, a demitasse of espresso at her side, Delacourt doles out orders in a foreign but unrecognizable accent.
I particularly liked the mushroom soup served in a tiny demitasse cup, which was the most mushroomy mushroom soup I've ever had
The captain was delicately holding a saucer while, like a hummingbird, sipping espresso from a tiny demitasse.