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 (dĕm′ə-lĭsh′ən, dē′mə-)
1. The act or process of wrecking or destroying, especially destruction by explosives.
2. demolitions Explosives, especially when designed or used as weapons.

[French démolition, from Latin dēmōlītiō, dēmōlītiōn-, from dēmōlīrī, to demolish; see demolish.]

dem′o·li′tion·ist n.


(ˌdɛməˈlɪʃənz; ˌdiː-)
pl n
(Military) explosives, as when used to blow up bridges, etc
1. (Military) targets prepared for destruction by explosives
References in classic literature ?
The cottage accommodation at Marlott having been in this manner considerably curtailed by demolitions, every house which remained standing was required by the agriculturist for his work-people.
He has already pleaded on more than one occasion, the cause of our ancient architecture, he has already loudly denounced many profanations, many demolitions, many impieties.
Tenders are invited for Project Management/Monitoring of FEMA Approved Demolitions.
Published on Thursday, 19 December 2013 12:16 PNN In a press release issued Thursday, the EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah expressed concern about the demolitions of 30 Palestinian-owned structures, including residential structures, in the Jordan valley on 10th December.
A study of typical demolitions found that lead dust levels in the air increased 40 times over normal levels during demolition and six times higher when removing debris.
TEL AVIV, July 13, 2010 (WAFA)- Israel razed on Tuesday Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem for the first time in eight months, effectively ending an unofficial freeze of such internationally condemned demolitions.
Such demolitions have wiped out several hundred units in Valley Village and Studio City.
In the Army alone, concrete generated from planned demolitions in the next 15 years will exceed 16 million tons.
Details of possible demolitions during the first five years are currently being worked through with tenants through face-to-face consultation.
The team pointed out that the "rules" were the "army's rules" which were often repressive, such as closing Shuhada Street, curfews, closures, home demolitions, and enforcing land confiscations.
Since first demolished by the Israeli authorities five years ago, the Shawamreh house has become a symbol of resistance, not only against the Occupation, but against Israel's sustained campaign to displace Palestinians altogether," said Jeff Halper, Coordinator for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.
Jerusalem -- PNN - The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) reported on Tuesday that Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes has risen "alarmingly" in the first half of 2011, threatening entire communities in the West Bank.