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1. Capable of being demonstrated or proved: demonstrable truths.
2. Obvious or apparent: demonstrable lies.

de·mon′stra·bil′i·ty, de·mon′stra·ble·ness n.
de·mon′stra·bly adv.
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Noun1.demonstrability - capability of being demonstrated or logically proved
indisputability, indubitability, unquestionability, unquestionableness - the quality of being beyond question or dispute or doubt
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Moore and Benbasat (1991) suggested divide "observability" into two independent constructs: 1) "visibility," an innovation can be seen by other individual; and 2) "result demonstrability," the capability to communicate the results of using a new technology with others.
He told the Birmingham Post: "I think mayors are demonstrability good for cities not just here but throughout the world.
Results demonstrability "the tangibility of the results of using the innovation, including their observability and communicability" (Moore & Benbasat, 1991).
We understand the value of integrating processes, technology, and knowledge for improved visibility, demonstrability and awareness of anti-bribery and anti-corruption efforts, as well as the need to empower organizations to take immediate defensive action if problems arise.
In other words, the society needs dialogue in terms of demonstrability of the women's sports.
Colebrooke was not a scholar by profession any more than Jones had been, but his writings set professional standards of demonstrability, thoroughness, precision, critical rigour and sobriety for the emerging discipline of Indology.
Aspects of device use that may have been heavily appreciated during earlier stages, such as ease of learning and demonstrability, likely will have waned in importance when users become more experienced with operating the device.
24) In contrast to seminary theology, which "had for its formal object 'the demonstrability of truth from the revealed Word of God,'" what lay students needed was "a theology geared toward 'the livability of the Word of God.
The topics include Aquinas on the demonstrability of angels, angelic time and motion from Bonaventure to Duns Scotus, Duns Scotus on angelic knowledge, Augustine and Anselm on angelic sin, and theories of angelic sin from Aquinas to Ockham.
I firmly believe that any patent SHOULD have a demonstrability clause.
Cognitive instrumental processes include: job reverent, output quality, result, demonstrability and perceive ease of use.
In particular, we argue that users may form expectations about various dimensions such as system quality, support quality, result demonstrability, and compatibility after their initial use of a system.