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Though the certainty of this criterion is far from demonstrable, yet it has the savor of analogical probability.
On a comparison of this extent with that of several countries in Europe, the practicability of rendering our system commensurate to it appears to be demonstrable.
It is demonstrable that the scratches are going everywhere impartially and it is only your candle which produces the flattering illusion of a concentric arrangement, its light falling with an exclusive optical selection.
In anything beyond the tangible affairs of visible life, indeed, they had little real belief, and they preferred that literature should restrain itself within the safe limits of the known and the demonstrable.
It is a proposition, mathematically demonstrable, that it costs the community more to arrest, convict, and confine its tramps in jail, than to send them as guests, for like periods of time, to the best hotel.
One's delight in an elderberry bush overhanging the confused leafage of a hedgerow bank, as a more gladdening sight than the finest cistus or fuchsia spreading itself on the softest undulating turf, is an entirely unjustifiable preference to a nursery-gardener, or to any of those regulated minds who are free from the weakness of any attachment that does not rest on a demonstrable superiority of qualities.
The Consultant Or Its Principles Shall Have Demonstrable Knowledge And Experience In The Interpretation Of Federal And Virginia Laws As They Relate To Pay Practices, Compensation, And Nonexempt/exempt Designation.
Produced by a range of organisations, including Defra, the strategy aims to achieve a demonstrable improvement in the welfare of the horse, pony and donkey populations.
The IRS position, as determined through private letter rulings and case law, is that you need demonstrable physical harm--cuts, bruises, broken bones--that were sustained in a physical battery.
In a statement, ERA declared that it supports strengthening safety standards as needed but believes "there is no demonstrable definitive safety benefit in the issue of a license to the cabin crew.
There are three facets to the "money" inquiry: a) transactional funds; b) demonstrable cash flow; and, c) net worth.
Des Moines, the Supreme Court put to rest the notion that "either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate," ruling that only demonstrable disruption of a public school's educational mission can be restricted.