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Adj.1.demonstrative of - serving to prove or demonstrate; "the oath of office is...demonstrative of the legislative opinion on this subject"- John Marshall
supportive - furnishing support or assistance; "a supportive family network"; "his family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer"
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The couple is known to be demonstrative of their affection for each other, constantly sharing their sweetness to fans online.
The widespread use of the demonstratives in substantive and adjectival function led to the loss of its original value and generated two major change processes involving essentially the demonstrative of 3rd person ille: the creation of a personal pronoun of the 3rd person, from its use in substantive function, and the creation of the definite article, from its use in adjectival function.
It is demonstrative of the premium placed on extra width and park block location, even in a seemingly sluggish retail market.
At the same time, Cooks includes a scene clearly demonstrative of Stout's support for the embryonic Civil Rights movement.
The strengths of this book are also its weaknesses: its attempt to show a cycle of an emerging problem, a culmination, and a retreat create a story that is terse, dramatic, and demonstrative of fallacies about sexuality.
Given the vast amount of materials used, Noll's writing is demonstrative of his exceptional ability to synthesize information and present it in a clear, accessible manner.
16) In both of these works, sentences invoking demonstratives are uniformly given with a bracketed specification immediately following the demonstrative of a demonstration.
The governor's no-parole policy is demonstrative of an actual bias against an entire class of cases that the governor is charged with adjudicating,'' the judge ruled.
The other solo dance, Lance Sherman's Jinx, was performed impressively but similarly demonstrative of skills looking for a subject.
In this theory, as we saw, the formal representations of different syntactic occurrences of the same demonstrative have the demonstrative in common while differing in the subscript; any demonstrative occurring in a different syntactic position in the discourse is translated into a demonstrative of the formal language with a different subscript.
This partnership with Cholestech is an extension of our commitment to providing value-based programs and is demonstrative of our QVB[TM] (Quidel Value Build) strategy.
What she did with the body after the killing was clearly demonstrative of her state of mind at the time she killed him.