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A name, such as Swede or New Yorker, that denotes an inhabitant or native of a given place.

[Greek dēmos, people; see dā- in Indo-European roots + -onym.]

dem′o·nym′ic adj.
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com/dictionary/demonym) demonym, " which is the word for a person who is from a specific place, like "New Yorker" or "Canadian.
I refer to Moshoeshoe's followers as 'BaSotho' to distinguish them from the modern demonym Basotho', eliding ethnic identity into citizenship in post- independence Lesotho.
Now that I have employed the demonym Pole in an unproblematic and facile fashion, let me note that this type of undisciplined naming of groups and positions remains, alas, the pattern of the book.
BasketBox is an online store specializing in demonym apparel and gifts that are fun to wear and inspire conversation.
For example, it has been argued by Booij (1997a, 2010) that in Dutch the form of the female demonym is derived from the toponymic adjective:
Soyo Zaire Recognised Kikongo, Chokwe, Umbundu, national languages Kimbundu, Ganguela, Kwanyama Ethnic Groups Ovimbundu 36% (2000) Ambundu 25% Bakongo 13% other African 22% Mestizo 2% Chinese 1% European 1% Demonym Angolan Government Unitary Presidential Republic President Jose Eduardo dos Santos Vice President Manuel Vicente Legislature National Assembly Independence From Portugal, on 11th November 1975 Size of the country Land Mass 1,246,700 [km.
Significant for those who wish to honor this element of his legacy, when referring to specific languages he opted for demonyms or gentilics (e.