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Noun1.demoralisation - a state of disorder and confusion; "his inconsistency resulted in the demoralization of his staff"
confusion - disorder resulting from a failure to behave predictably; "the army retreated in confusion"
2.demoralisation - depression resulting from an undermining of your morale
depression - sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy
3.demoralisation - destroying the moral basis for a doctrine or policy
degradation, debasement - changing to a lower state (a less respected state)
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Naturally the flood of beer wrought demoralisation.
The design and object of this Institution is to reclaim the youthful criminal by firm but kind and judicious treatment; to make his prison a place of purification and improvement, not of demoralisation and corruption; to impress upon him that there is but one path, and that one sober industry, which can ever lead him to happiness; to teach him how it may be trodden, if his footsteps have never yet been led that way; and to lure him back to it if they have strayed: in a word, to snatch him from destruction, and restore him to society a penitent and useful member.
And if this old woman, the pawnbroker, has been murdered by someone of a higher class in society--for peasants don't pawn gold trinkets-- how are we to explain this demoralisation of the civilised part of our society?
An ineptness that now manifests itself in the demoralisation of NHS staff.
The executive committee is also of the view that the holding of the GSC in a selective manner not only leads to many intra- faculty seniority anomalies, but also causes psychological and emotional disturbances leading to demoralisation which further affects the standard of work output", said Dr Alam.
Job Centre staff are showing signs of demoralisation at being forced to implement a system many see as cruel and counterproductive.
Overworked staff and demoralisation are a direct consequence of too few staff.
Il est egalement accuse d'avoir [beaucoup moins que]detruit ou deteriore volontairement un outil de defense nationale[beaucoup plus grand que] et d'avoir participe a [beaucoup moins que]une entreprise de demoralisation de l'armee[beaucoup plus grand que].
This situation is leading to massive demoralisation among the ranks of the security forces, particularly the provincial police force.
That they succumbed at the hands of Evo-Stik North side Ramsbottom United should not constitute complete demoralisation.
I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralisation.
According to the paper, she now describes her "journey" with Assange as one from "admiration to demoralisation.