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1. The common people; the populace.
2. The common people of an ancient Greek state.

[Greek dēmos, district, people; see dā- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the people of a nation regarded as a political unit
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) rare the common people; masses
[C19: from Greek: the populace; see deme]


(ˈdi mɒs)

1. the common people of an ancient Greek state.
2. the common people; populace.
[1770–80; < Greek dêmos district, people; compare demo-]


A Greek word denoting common people who held citizenship and therefore had rights.
References in classic literature ?
King" was known two thousand years ago in Greece as "The Demos and the
There the daughters of Celeus, son of Eleusis, saw her, as they were coming for easy-drawn water, to carry it in pitchers of bronze to their dear father's house: four were they and like goddesses in the flower of their girlhood, Callidice and Cleisidice and lovely Demo and Callithoe who was the eldest of them all.
Demos weren't expected to be bug-ridden or incomplete.
Demos set as his objective an admittedly speculative exploration of the movement from what he describes as the circular (more traditional) to the linear (more modern) approaches to living.
We conducted 10 to 12 different demos with eight to 10 farmers at each.
HOW MANY TIMES at a demo are skaters like Chet Childress asked by a skate kid, "I have this 20-stair gap down the street, do you want to skate it?
Using the program's intuitive Wizard, you can quickly capture screens, import pictures in all of the popular formats, annotate the images with comic-strip style balloons, and include hot spots that let users interact with the demos.
And then there literally must be hundreds of demos I sang on of other people's songs in the little studios around the Brill Building area at 1619 Broadway, where I now have my offices.
The reason there are so many bad demos out there," McLaren explained, "is that people don't start by thinking about their auidence.
I don't like writing abut demos so I'll keep the demo talk short--the South Africa tour had the biggest turnout I've ever seen in my 23 yars of skateboarding.
In the Preface Demos simply states: "most of all, I wanted to write a story".