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de·mure  (d-myr)
adj. de·mur·er, de·mur·est
1. Modest and reserved in manner or behavior.
2. Affectedly shy, modest, or reserved. See Synonyms at shy1.

[Middle English, probably from Anglo-Norman (influenced by Old French mur, meur, mature, serious), past participle of demurer, to delay, wait; see demur.]

de·murely adv.
de·mureness n.

demure (dɪˈmjʊə)
1. sedate; decorous; reserved
2. affectedly modest or prim; coy
[C14: perhaps from Old French demorer to delay, linger; perhaps influenced by meur ripe, mature]
deˈmurely adv deˈmureness n
de•mure (dɪˈmyʊər)

adj. -mur•er, -mur•est.
1. characterized by shyness and modesty; reserved.
2. affectedly or coyly decorous or sedate.
[1350–1400; Middle English dem(e)ur(e) well-mannered, grave]
de•mure′ly, adv.
de•mure′ness, n.
syn: See modest.

demur, demure - Demur is the verb "to object or voice opposition," while demure is the adjective meaning "modest, shy."
See also related terms for shy.
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Adj.1.demure - affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way
modest - not offensive to sexual mores in conduct or appearance

1. shy (usually used of a young woman) reserved, modest, retiring, reticent, unassuming, diffident, decorous She's very demure and sweet.
shy forward, brash, brazen, shameless, impudent, immodest
2. coy, prim, bashful, prudish, prissy (informal), strait-laced, affected, priggish, niminy-piminy a demure frumpy middle-aged librarian
demure [dɪˈmjʊəʳ] ADJ [person] (= modest) → recatado; (= coy) → tímido y algo coqueto; [clothing, appearance] → recatado
in a demure little voiceen tono dulce y algo coqueta

demure [dɪˈmjʊər] adj
(= quiet and shy) [girl] → discret/ète
[clothes] → sobre

adj (+er)sittsam

demure [dɪˈmjʊəʳ] adj (girl) → pieno/a di contegno; (smile) → contegnoso/a

demure (diˈmjuə) adjective
quiet, shy, modest and well behaved (sometimes deceptively). She looked too demure ever to do such a bold thing.
deˈmurely adverb
deˈmureness noun

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She must be a woman of complicated character, and there was something dramatic in the contrast of that with her demure appearance.
But lowering her glance unexpectedly till her dark eye-lashes seemed to rest against her white cheeks she presented a perfectly demure aspect.
Yet this would be done with a demure abasing of your eye, sometimes, as the Jesuits also do use.
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