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To be sure, demurral over the use of these terms may be regarded as equally prejudicial, but that is the point.
My demurral does not at all call into question the central argument of By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed that some crimes deserve death, and that this is now and has always been the teaching of the Catholic Church.
The Governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait express "their deep demurral and dissatisfaction about these repeated assaults and transgressions; and demand from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop these transgressions and assaults in order to preserve their interests," it stressed.
He explained that suspects who appear before specialized criminal courts receive, as is the case in all courts in the country, all kinds of rights that guarantee fair litigation before independent judges who have no instructor by the Islamic rules and instructions as any suspect will have the right to have a lawyer to defend him, could object any ruling through the prescribed demurral means and if acquitted, the system offers him fair compensations for any harm that he might have incurred, according to Islamic Sharia law.
The sense that there is something shameful in the very state of being a female is quite effective in stifling demurral.
Despite Lewis's demurral, the novel itself suggests more than accidental parallels, many of which Evan Gibson helpfully catalogs (242-43).
However, as Travis's demurral helped me realise, it was the children's intention to get in close--it was the detail they were interested in.
Knightley adds that reading out loud "'will not be so great a loss of time: but if you dislike it-"thus allowing space for Emma's demurral.
These 'little's are owned by the fictional authors and the fictional literary audience for those books; they contain a demurral, an 'oh this old thing' that the characters' writerly egos contradict.
Similarly, given the near-apocalyptic perceptions of the IS that have gripped Western capitals in recent months, the approach of continued demurral and deflection concerning the extent to which the policies of regional allies have empowered and assisted IS needs to be revised.
16) The self, EBB asserts, is transformed by experience, and, despite Browning's demurral in his letter, his dramatic travelogues present a similar account of the relation between "external influences" and the internal movements of the mind.
This is true even though he has not made a new pop record since "River of Dreams'' in 1993: an admirable demurral.