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n. pl. den·a·ri (dĕn′är-ē)
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[Macedonian, from Old Church Slavonic dinarii, from Late Greek dēnarion, from Latin dēnārius; see denary.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Macedonia, divided into 100 deni
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Calculated with an average Macedonia denar / euro rate of 59.
The Ministry of Economy co-financed the expenses of 25 companies, with a total of 5 million denar in budget assets, said Kuci.
Former Economy Minister Besnik Fetai says that if the money channel of migrant workers is stopped, the exchange rate of the denar will have to change.
Ongoing preparations for issuing the first plastic money on the Macedonian market, it regards banknotes with denominations of 10 and 50 denar which will be made of plastic and if everything goes as planned, will enter in circulation by the end of this year.
The denar exchange rate will remain stable, the country won't suffer inflation, no problems are expected with the foreign currency reserves, whereas the ongoing political crisis increases the risks in crediting, stressed Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, Dimitar Bogov.
Not a single denar from the state Budget was set aside for capital investments in this university this year," Rector Vela's Cabinet notes.
In addition to salaries and pensions, most of the expenditures are intended for subsidies for farmers, for which EUR 140 million is projected, as well as Denar 21 billion and 209 million for capital investments.
The consumer basket in December totaled 32,475 denars, having increased by 373 denars in a year.
The payment of a minimum wage of 12,000 denars would begin in September.
However, everyone will not be happy because those with the most miserable salaries, employed in the textile and leather industry will get a minimum wage of 9,000 denars gradually in three years.
Immediately upon taking office, Andrej Zernovski, Mayor of Centar, said the budget was depleted beforehand considering that 340 million denars of the 350 million denars of revenues to be collected by the end of the year should be spent on repaying overdue liabilities.