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A polymer in which the atoms are arranged in many branches and subbranches along a central backbone of carbon atoms, usually extending from a central atom or ring of atoms. Also called cascade molecule.

[dendr(o)- + alteration of (pol)ymer.]


a type of polymer defined by regular branches from a central monomer, which give it a tree-like molecular structure
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UV-Vis absorbance spectroscopy was used to measure ascorbic acid degradation over a period of four hours, with and without the dendrimer and at varying pH values.
Besides administration of dendrimers to the affected newborns, another possibility could be the administration of the dendrimer nanodevices in the amniotic fluid for prevention of perinatal brain injury in high-risk patients [8].
announced today that it has closed on the acquisition of Starpharma Holdings Limited's agrochemical business focused on development of its proprietary Priostar dendrimer polymer technology portfolio for A$35 million.
14 June 2017 - Australia-based dendrimer products specialist Starpharma Holdings Ltd (ASX: SPL) (OTCQX: SPHRY) has completed a transaction to sell its agrochemicals and Priostar business, Starpharma Agrochemicals, to Canada-based agricultural company Agrium, Inc.
They also detail lipids produced by microalgae in the Okinawa area for biodiesel fuel; the use of biomass polymer sheets in water/alcohol pervaporation as a sustainable source of alcohol energy; bacterial cellulose applications; functional adsorbents made of polymers, ionic liquid, and dendrimer in sustainable technologies; eco-friendly on-site water analyses for ultra-trace harmful ions; and ionic liquids used as green solvent in chemistry.
Khan decided to package RNA vaccines into a nanoparticle made from a branched molecule known as a dendrimer.
avoided the drawbacks of conventional dendrites by avoiding a complex architecturally pure internal dendrimer structure, but still providing a large number of judiciously placed surface functional groups.
Majoros et al have shown the synthesis, characterization and functionality of Poly (Amidoamine) (PAMAM) dendrimer based anticancer therapeutics.
The dendrimer frameworks are flexible enough to meet the spatial demands of the application.
Each rod is coated with a different chemical - a phenylene dendrimer, a cyclodextrin and sodium cholate - and each changes its rod's resonant frequency in a different way.
The number of branching determines the size of the dendrimer which can be controlled.
So, we are now in the process of adding a whole new spectrum of research activities that use the dendrimer as its central core, and will develop various verticals around that, wherein the dendrimer can be used as a "wheel," depending on whether it's a two-wheeler, a three-wheeler, a truck or a car