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(Biology) any branching diagram, such as a cladogram, showing the interconnections between treelike organisms


(ˈdɛn drəˌgræm)

a diagram of evolutionary changes in which the descendant forms are depicted as treelike branchings.
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A dendrogram was prepared on the basis of a similarity matrix using the UPGMA algorithm and separated the 24 genotypes into four groups.
We calculated the similarity coefficient and displayed the results of molecular typing as a dendrogram generated by the FPQuest software package (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA, USA).
In data mining, hierarchical clustering is one of the most widely used cluster analysis method that groups a set of objects according to their similarities by building a cluster tree or dendrogram.
1, 2000) (ROHLF, 2000), the coefficient of cophenetic correlation (r) between the original genetic distances and those represented by the dendrogram among the genotype pairs was calculated according to SOKAL & ROHLF (1962).
A dendrogram was constructed using pair-group method to get genetic relationships among genotypes.
Compared with the results of the UPGMA dendrogram, group I had an increase in Guangdong yellow and Yunnan red, but a decrease in TH10 and HoTH49; the remaining parental clones was exactly the same as that of group A of the UPGMA dendrogram.
We begin by describing the two classes of the first branch of the dendrogram presented in Figure 1, which includes 58.
The Dendrogram obtained served as the basis for assessing the genetic relatedness of the strains among themselves.
Based on the distance matrix generated, individuals were grouped by the UPGMA method (Unweighted Pair Grouped Method Average), based on visual analysis, the cutoff point was established at the place of occurrence of the abrupt change in branches present in the dendrogram (90% dissimilarity) and principal component analysis.
Based on the original dissimilarity matrix and the matrix obtained by the dendrogram, the cophenetic correlation was obtained according to the following Equation 3 (Albuquerque et al.
Dendrogram of genetic distance among Spodoptera frugiperda populations analyzed using ISSR molecular markers.
In the hierarchical methods, the accessions are clustered by a process that is repeated in various levels until a dendrogram or graph is established, with no concern about the optimum number of groups, but rather with the topology of the dendrogram visually examined (Cruz et al.