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(Biology) any branching diagram, such as a cladogram, showing the interconnections between treelike organisms


(ˈdɛn drəˌgræm)

a diagram of evolutionary changes in which the descendant forms are depicted as treelike branchings.
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A dendrogram based on UPGMA analysis with ISSR data is shown in Figure 1.
The cophenetic coefficient calculated with the dendrogram has a reasonably high value indicating that the cluster information generated by the dendrogram is a good representation of similarities in the data.
The dendrogram generated by the cluster analysis showed a clear separation of stage I/II ESCC samples from controls in both the training set and the validation set: The 7-member serum miRNA profile correctly classified 95 (89.
A positive feature of using hierarchical clustering is visualization of the cluster hierarchy in a dendrogram.
The distance matrix based on SSR data sets was used to construct a dendrogram, which is shown in Fig.
Though this procedure is subjective, the distinction between clusters in this analysis is quite clear from the dendrogram.
The dendrogram of bacterial 16S rDNA in the kiwifruit orchard was the only one not to show a clear separation between the two soil management systems (Fig.
The differentiation of the taxonomic composition in periphytic algae community in the zones of reservoir and different seasons (summer and winter) is observed in the similarity dendrogram (Figure 2).
The dendrogram displays the merging (or dividing) of clusters from the leaves to the root (or the root to the leaves) and the distance or dissimilarity between the merged (or split) clusters.
The dendrogram derived following numerical analysis of the protein electrophoregrams is shown in Fig.
From the dendrogram, researchers were able to create 3-D displays of the data that they could then rotate and examine from many different directions.
To extract a hierarchy of clusters from the distance matrix, a dendrogram (ternary tree) is determined by using a clustering algorithm, under choice of different compressors.