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tr.v. de·ner·vat·ed, de·ner·vat·ing, de·ner·vates
To deprive (an organ or body part) of a nerve supply, as by surgically removing or cutting a nerve or by blocking a nerve connection with drugs.

de′ner·va′tion n.


a. desnervado, enervado, rel. a la pérdida de energía nerviosa.
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Complicated major trauma can be treated by musculo-cutaneous latismus dorsi flap with skeletonized and denervated pedicle13.
Glycerol and hydroxybutyrate were increased in the denervated limbs, suggesting that lipolysis plays an important role in joint metabolism.
First, we evaluated the process of I/RI in the Langendorff model, in which the hearts were denervated and could not reflect the potential role of neurohumor factors.
Scintigraphic assessment of MIBG uptake in globally denervated human and canine hearts--implications for clinical studies.
They opined that autonomic cardiac regulation in severe depression patients is like denervated heart.
1947) The respiratory responses to anoxemia of unanesthetized dogs with chronically denervated aortic and carotid chemoreceptors and their causes.
Although surgical therapy for TN is generally well-tolerated, one of the worse complications is painful posttraumatic trigeminal neuropathy (anesthesia dolorosa), a condition characterized by persistent, painful anesthesia or hypesthesia in the denervated region (4).
Number of contractions to maintain mass and force of a denervated rat muscle.
In fact, the ISI, Pakistan's premiere intelligence organization, denervated this Deobandi group precisely for this reason.
Physiological changes in tissues denervated by spinal cord inyury tissues and possible effects on wound healing.