dengue fever

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Noun1.dengue fever - an infectious disease of the tropics transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by rash and aching head and joints
infectious disease - a disease transmitted only by a specific kind of contact

den·gue fever

n. dengue, fiebre endémica producida por un virus, transmitida por el mosquito Aedes.
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Last year, 2,927 people contracted dengue fever, of which 12 people died.
Sometime in 2013, my grandson was having the initial symptoms of dengue fever for four (4) days.
In 2017, a total 2,927 dengue cases were reported throughout Sindh, and 12 died from dengue fever.
He said that old dengue fever is marked by rapid onset of high fever, headache, retro-orbital pain, diffuse body pain both muscle and bone, weakness, vomiting, sore throat, altered taste sensation, and a centrifugal maculopapular rash, among other manifestations.
This resulted in the growth of mosquito larvae, which transmits the disease of dengue fever to people.
Female school teacher of Khaka village caught by the Dengue Fever two days ago and lost her life within three days.
Material and Methods: Patients meeting the inclusion criteria were admitted at CMH Rawalpindi and blood serology was done to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.
Conclusion: The highest incidence of dengue fever was observed in young people.
All health practitioners in Dubai have been asked to watch out for possible dengue fever cases that could be imported into the UAE through visitors and travel by residents to endemic areas.
Enrique Tayag cited the DOH's '4S' prevention measures against dengue fever.
Nizamabad district is one of the endemic area for dengue fever in Telangana state.
1] The patients with dengue fever typically present with the sudden onset of fever, frontal headache, retroorbital pain, and back pain along with severe myalgias--break-bone fever.