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1. Possible to contradict or declare untrue: deniable accusations.
2. Being such that plausible disavowal or disclaimer is possible: "Covert action was deniable; a Pentagon program would not be" (Bob Woodward).

de·ni′a·bil′i·ty n.
de·ni′a·bly adv.


able to be denied; questionable
deˈniably adv


(dɪˈnaɪ ə bəl)

capable of being or liable to be denied or contradicted.
de•ni`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.deniable - capable of being denied or contradicted
undeniable - not possible to deny




[dɪˈnaɪəbl] adjnegabile
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Minchin said that he disliked Lydgate's knowledge, or his disposition to improve treatment: what they disliked was his arrogance, which nobody felt to be altogether deniable.
In the absence of a public vote, here are the un deniable indicators:
A Pakistani-government appointed commission found nothing to support those claims, but also did not rule out the possibility of "plausibly deniable support" from current or former officials.
The point is that Turkey is not fully committed to the destruction of IS, and indeed will give IS deniable help in order to further the goal of a Sunni victory in Syria, despite being part of a "coalition of the willing" that is nominally dedicated to destroying IS.
The regime seemed to put this shadow war on hold while the multilateral nuclear negotiations unfolded, but current sectarian tensions in the region may have rekindled Tehran and Hezbollah's interest in targeting their Saudi adversaries with asymmetric and reasonably deniable attacks.
By contrast, the only way in which one could legitimately say that the relationship of "following" as understood in the third sense is deniable would be if the nature of the subject of the protasis did not logically entail the nature of the subject of the apodosis.
But a couple of governments sent unofficial and plausibly deniable support in the form of ordnance and "friends.
In this deniable back channel, Kerry was the first to float the idea that Iran might be able to keep some of its enrichment capability if there was an agreement.
For Tehran, (it) is the 'safest' form of confrontation because of its secretive and deniable characteristics.
Bond has been recruited to a new organisation which operates independently of MI5, MI6 and the Ministry of Defence, its existence deniable.
the possibility of some such direct or indirect and plausibly deniable support cannot be ruled out, at least, at some level outside formal structures of the intelligence establishment.
These days Stone is a mercenary and ultra-secret deniable agent, facing down danger in some of the world's most terrifying trouble spots for the likes of the CIA and their British counterparts, MI6.