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1. A large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name, usually organized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy.
2. One of a series of kinds, values, or sizes, as in a system of currency or weights: Cash registers have slots for bills of different denominations. The stamps come in 40¢ and 70¢ denominations.
3. A name or designation, especially for a class or group.

de·nom′i·na′tion·al adj.
de·nom′i·na′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.denominationally - with respect to denomination; "denominationally diverse audiences"
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Unfortunately, the opposition is ethnically and denominationally divided along Turkish-Kurdish and Sunni-Alevi lines.
Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Is A Non-profit, Politically And Denominationally Neutral
Receptive ecumenism is a new approach to reception that seeks to integrate theological dialogue with lived ecumenical relations, both locally and denominationally.
Taking heed to the 2014 “Walking Into A New Season," Bishop Willis moves beyond the conventional barriers by bringing culturally and denominationally diverse leaders to California to speak to a wide-range of perspectives, expertise and leadership.
It is aware of the fact that reaching this stage of the dialogue with the United States would mean the full relinquishing of a strategy which allowed it to outbid the Arabs in embracing the Palestinian cause and groups with which it converges ideologically and denominationally, and which it uses as a card to ensure its expansion and hegemony in the region, from its far Yemeni southern end to its Syrian north and Lebanese west.
The good news is that even if we would conclude that denominationally imprinted doctrines are different beyond comparison this does not necessarily imply giving up hopes of the oneness of the church of Christ.
Jick's The Americanization of the Synagogue, 1820-1870 was both lauded for its pathbreaking treatment of how synagogues evolved denominationally in 19th-century America and critiqued for some noteworthy omissions.
WorldSkills International operates worldwide in 65 countries and regions and is politically and denominationally neutral.
Finally, there were the scientists, who were chafing at the restrictions of the denominationally affiliated academic institutions that employed them.
Such a sacramental view of physical life, and of baptism particularly, was uncommon among nineteenth-century Protestants, but it is this high view of the apostolic ordinances that Campbell could lead to unity among the denominationally fragmented American church.
A reason for this can be traced to the church's decision to shift work with refugees from the local congregations or denominationally guided organizations to religious NGOs.
Almost every religious group has turned to the Internet, if not officially with denominationally sanctioned sites, then unofficially through online materials prepared by enthusiastic members of the different groups.