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adj. dens·er, dens·est
a. Having relatively high density.
b. Crowded closely together; compact: a dense population.
2. Hard to penetrate; thick: a dense jungle.
a. Permitting little light to pass through, because of compactness of matter: dense glass; a dense fog.
b. Opaque, with good contrast between light and dark areas. Used of a photographic negative.
4. Difficult to understand because of complexity or obscurity: a dense novel.
5. Slow to apprehend; thickheaded.

[Middle English, from Latin dēnsus.]

dense′ly adv.
dense′ness n.
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Noun1.denseness - the quality of being mentally slow and limited
stupidity - a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience
2.denseness - the spatial property of being crowded together
spatial arrangement, spacing - the property possessed by an array of things that have space between them
3.denseness - the amount per unit sizedenseness - the amount per unit size    
compactness - the consistency of a compact solid
bits per inch, bpi - a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium
flux density, flux - (physics) the number of changes in energy flow across a given surface per unit area
absorbance, optical density, photographic density, transmission density - (physics) a measure of the extent to which a substance transmits light or other electromagnetic radiation
low density, rarity, tenuity - a rarified quality; "the tenuity of the upper atmosphere"
relative density - the ratio of the density of something to the density of a standard


[ˈdensnɪs] N
1. (= stupidity) → estupidez f
2. = density


(= thickness)Dichte f
(= concentrated nature)Gedrängtheit f; (= excessive complexity)Überladenheit f
References in classic literature ?
Taking advantage of the denseness of the trees, he came close to the house and skirted round it.
Crushed was the artist, sorry for the denseness of connoisseurs was his wife, till the work was bought by a dealer for an anonymous client, and then elated were they both, and relieved also to discover that I was not the buyer.
Others, still a numerous class, were restless in their movements, had flushed faces, and talked and gesticulated to themselves, as if feeling in solitude on account of the very denseness of the company around.
In pine woods, there are fewer birds, and the denseness of the trees and their interwoven branches make it more difficult for them to fly freely.
Our orientation was in effecting surprise attacks against rebels encamped in the denseness of the forest.
It had a denseness of flavour and profound, charred beefy richness that justified the not insignificant cost (PS25.
com/2017/08/18/essential-ph-1-hands-on-preview/) Chris Velazco was critical of the denseness of the PH-1 and its affinity for picking up fingerprints.
One result of this is eutrophication, whereby plant life near the sewage dump is over-nourished to the point that its denseness, and later decomposition, suffocates other life forms in the water.
We had to perfect the hairlines and balance it " add denseness, take away fullness.
The shallowness of the surface soil and the denseness of the subsoil, combined with a winter-dominant rainfall pattern and seeding operations, controlled the seasonal dynamics of profile water content, which largely controlled the behaviour of the surface soil and the productivity of this soil type.
Whether this type of an attracting set could possess chaotic features is an issue that depends further on the denseness property and the existence of positive Lyapunov exponents, which maybe specific to each individual model, physical parameterization, boundary treatments, or model vertical and horizontal resolution.
As we all know, in image dehazing, texture details of original foggy image are useless, which do not indicate the scene depth or the haze denseness.