dental dam

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den′tal dam′

a flat piece of latex used to prevent the transfer of bodily fluids during cunnilingus.
[after rubber dam, a piece of latex placed over the teeth during dental work]
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So, if you're looking to stay throat cancer-free, you'll probably want to eat your veggies, cut down on the cigarettes, and try and remember that dental dam demonstration from freshman orientation.
There's not a dental dam been invented that's strong enough to tempt me to wrap my lips around Pete's rancid Royal Doultons.
Health professionals have vetted the information presented by the authors the how-to facts about topics such as masturbation, lubrication, condoms and, as the Guys book puts it, "arts and craft" tips on fabricating a homemade dental dam for safe female oral sex.
DO Use a condom or dental dam when you have oral sex with somebody new.
It's advisable to use a condom or dental dam (thin latex that lines the mouth) to screen secretions and prevent infection.
Various types of condoms, even a dental dam, are described in detail, as are step-by-step first experiences with "hand jobs" and "blow jobs.
Household plastic wrap or a split and flattened, unlubricated condom can also be used if you don't have dental dam.