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1. The condition of being dentate.
2. A toothlike part or projection.


1. (Biology) the state or condition of being dentate
2. (Botany) an angular projection or series of projections, as on the margin of a leaf


(dɛnˈteɪ ʃən)

1. the state or form of being dentate.
2. an angular or toothlike projection of a margin.
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geoffmartini), a proximal lobe of valva is without dentation (conspicuously dentate on outer margin in M.
Dhillon diagnosed her condition as severe tooth pain and noted that she had poor dentation.
Respiratory tract infections have since decreased in number and severity, and repeated esophagography showed the release of the previously shown posterior dentation.
These include secondary venation, dentation, and certain leaf-form characters.
Legs with the femora unidentate, dentation at the middle, sulcate beneath with the sulci bare (Fig.
The small dentations along the side of the free energy diagram represent semi-stable intermediates that are capable of slowing the protein folding process.