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1. The condition of being dentate.
2. A toothlike part or projection.


1. (Biology) the state or condition of being dentate
2. (Botany) an angular projection or series of projections, as on the margin of a leaf


(dɛnˈteɪ ʃən)

1. the state or form of being dentate.
2. an angular or toothlike projection of a margin.
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Dentation pattern is used for identification of some of the well-known genera of herbivorous fossils discovered from Nagri Formation.
sulcatus by having paraclypei with distinct tooth, same form of dentation on lateral margins of pronotum, very broad leaf-shaped blade, with inner margin projected outwardly, but different in having paraclypei equal to clypeus, inner spine of blade very prominent and triangular and the most prominent character of this species is the apical potion of dorsal conjunctival appendages which is very thin, spine like; spermathecal bulb with finger-like processes, two small and one large, while in sulcatus paraclypei shorter than clypeus, inner spine of parameral blade less prominent, conjunctival appendages short, almost rectangular and apical margin broad and straight; spermathecal bulb with three sub equal process.
The structures of the complexes have been proposed, which reveals that the complexes adopt different forms of dentation.
1] At optimal concentrations, F provides benefits to the dentation of all individuals; indeed, public drinking water fluoridation in developed countries is cited as one of the top ten public health victories of the twentieth century.
Osseointegrated implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry and made restoring missing dentation possible both ascetically and functionally.
geoffmartini), a proximal lobe of valva is without dentation (conspicuously dentate on outer margin in M.
In a chilling detail, the u-shaped in dentation atop one of the walls served as a block for executing Richard's rivals.
2-4 cm Leaflet shape Straight (not falcate) Falcate Leaflet dentation Teeth present below Margins entire or with distal half, 20 or more few teeth (<16) limited per leaflet to distal half Stem length To 1.
Trait observations: A total of 17 vegetative traits, such as anthocyanin intensity on shoot tip, cold resistance of buds, bud break time, young leaf upper surface color, young leaf upper surface hairiness, young leaf lower surface color, mature leaf lower surface hairiness, mature leaf upper surface appearance, mature leaf form, mature leaf shape, mature leaf contour, shape of petiolar sinus, sinus width on mature leaf, dentation of mature leaf, petiole color, petiole hairiness and cane color was recorded.
Admitting that he knows full well that birds do not have teeth he has nonetheless given them impressive dentation as well as clothing cigars pipes surfboards and occupations that relate to their names and behaviors.
Other defining characteristics include the presence of a diaphragm; three middle-ear ossicles; heterodont dentation (differentiated teeth); sweat, sebaceous and scent glands; a four-chambered heart; and a large cerebral cortex.
multinervia have been shown to possess marginal dentation and transferred to the species T.