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 (dĭ-no͞od′, -nyo͞od′)
tr.v. de·nud·ed, de·nud·ing, de·nudes
1. To divest of covering; make bare.
2. Geology To expose (rock strata) by erosion.

[Latin dēnūdāre : dē-, de- + nūdāre, to make bare (from nūdus, nude; see nogw- in Indo-European roots).]

de′nu·da′tion (dē′no͞o-dā′shən, -nyo͞o-, dĕn′yo͝o-) n.


The wearing away of the land surface by the sum of such processes as weathering and erosion.
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Noun1.denudation - the removal of coveringdenudation - the removal of covering    
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
disforestation, deforestation - the removal of trees
cornhusking - the act of removing the husks from ears of corn


n. denudación, privación de la cubierta de una superficie de una manera traumática, sea por cirugía, trauma, o por un cambio patológico.
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On the absence of intermediate varieties at the present day -- On the nature of extinct intermediate varieties; on their number -- On the vast lapse of time, as inferred from the rate of deposition and of denudation -- On the poorness of our palaeontological collections -- On the intermittence of geological formations -- On the absence of intermediate varieties in any one formation -- On the sudden appearance of groups of species -- On their sudden appearance in the lowest known fossiliferous strata.
But the amount of denudation which the strata have in many places suffered, independently of the rate of accumulation of the degraded matter, probably offers the best evidence of the lapse of time.
I am tempted to give one other case, the well-known one of the denudation of the Weald.
Only thus can we gain time, at all sufficient to explain the truly astonishing amount of denudation, which these great, though comparatively with most other ranges recent, mountains have suffered.
We call on the DENR to conduct a thorough investigation and exact accountability from the culprits whose activities caused the denudation of forests and watersheds of these municipalities,' the group said.
The letter attached photographic evidence of forest denudation compiled by the signatories.
After a Cabinet meeting where he was reportedly shown images of massive forest denudation in Zamboanga, an enraged President Duterte ordered a halt to logging operations in the province where recent typhoons Urduja and Vinta took a heavy toll on lives and property.
As an insurance against denudation a much larger percentage of the land, about 60 per cent, should be kept under forests for their protective functions in the Himalayas, the Deccan and other mountainous tracts liable to erosion.
The histopathologic features used in both these publications included the presence of endothelial cell swelling, endothelial cell denudation, noninflammatory crypt loss, wedge-shaped segmental ischemic injury, and interstitial edema with perivascular hemorrhage of fragmented RBCs.
Hypogene karst processes dominate the area, thus most collapse sinkholes are likely associated with surficial breaching of pre-existing hypogene cave by surface denudation.
The terminology remains tricky, as some SJS is mostly mucosal, without significant skin involvement, often triggered by infections, especially mycoplasma; other SJS has significant cutaneous involvement and can progress into the overlap category of SJS/TEN, when body surface area of blistering and denudation is in the 10%-30% range.
So we specially made a very simple wire tool and found a simple approach for a surgical technique that induces endothelial denudation.