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tr.v. de·o·dor·ized, de·o·dor·iz·ing, de·o·dor·iz·es
To mask or neutralize the odor of or in: deodorized the locker room.

de·o′dor·i·za′tion (-dər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
de·o′dor·iz′er n.
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According to a report in the Miami Herald, 30-year-old Sarah Wilmoth entered a Publix store in Vero Beach, Florida, to steal toilet deodorizer and some cosmetics when she was arrested.
Contract awarded for Purchase deodorizer of nanji water recycling center environment improvement machine construction
It is every homemaker's artillery because it is the perfect alternative to tons of things, like skin exfoliant, stain remover, kitchen cleanser, deodorizer, even toothpaste
In the household cleaning department, Weiman Products LLC has launched what it says is the first "no rinse" washing machine cleaner and deodorizer.
Cleaning White vinegar is a cheap, effective cleaner and deodorizer.
19 -- Daimer Industries, a supplier of biodegradable Eco-Green mobile auto detailing chemicals, has launched an environmentally compatible deodorizer and cleaner designed for industrial applications as well as worker and customer safety.
In 2008, Steinemann decided to perform a regulatory analysis, using product labels and material safety data sheets (MSDS), and chemical analysis of six best-selling products: dryer sheets, fabric softener, laundry detergent, a liquid spray air freshener, a plug-in air freshener, and a solid disc deodorizer used in commercial-airplane toilets.
Though it's often referred to as a natural deodorizer, there's no specific research that chewing a sprig or two of parsley freshens your breath.
EOGB's new Cherry Bomb Gel Deodorizer is a handy sized fuel oil deodorant which leaves a pleasant cherry odour and is ideal for positioning near the burner upon completion of the service, or to be left in the engineers van.
Trash Can & Dumpster Deodorizer and Deodorizing Air Freshener use baking soda to eliminate odors at the source.
Introduced last year by New York-based Toto USA, Neorest is a line of high-concept toilets that incorporate an automatically opening and closing lid, automatic flushing, deodorizer, heated seat, and warm air dryer.
To sample a variety of the products, try the Household Mini Kit ($22), which includes the household cleaner, countertop cleaner, a room and fabric deodorizer, a carpet deodorizer and a microfiber wipe.