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intr. & tr.v. de·or·bit·ed, de·or·bit·ing, de·or·bits
To go or cause to go out of orbit.
The act or process of going out of orbit.
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Several hours after it undocks, the Progress will be deorbited by Russian flight controllers to burn up in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.
After it undocks, the Georges Lemaitre will move to a safe distance from the station where it will stay for 13 days until it is deorbited on Friday, Feb.
The "Georges Lemaitre" will remain docked to the station until late January 2015 when it will depart and be deorbited to burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.
EUTELSAT 3A, will be relocated to 8[degrees] West until it is deorbited later in 2014.
Moscow, July 28 (ANI): Russia's space agency has announced that the International Space Station will be deorbited and allowed to sink into the Pacific Ocean in 2020, just like its predecessor, the Mir.
During its operation from 1991 to 2000, when it was deorbited by NASA, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory explored the high-energy sky looking at some of the most violent and energetic processes in the universe, including black holes, solar flares, gamma-ray bursts, and pulsars.
125) The last piece of debris ultimately deorbited in 2002, seventeen years after the United States conducted its test.
The ISS was to be used until 2016 and then deorbited, but the NASA Authorisation Act 2008, signed into law last week by President George Bush, updates the 2005 Authorisation Act requiring an ISS National Laboratory plan.
Even doing that, it was 2004 before the last piece of debris deorbited.
In this Cold War period, when Americans heard the beep from the radio, they imagined a circling hydrogen bomb able to be deorbited in a matter of minutes or hours.
ASTRA 1B has reached the end of its life after 15 years of service and will be deorbited within the coming weeks.
After it undocks, the spacecraft will move to a safe distance from the station until it is deorbited on Sunday, April 26.