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Noun1.departure tax - a tax that is levied when you are departing a country by land or sea or air
revenue enhancement, tax, taxation - charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
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The SNP are committed to reducing departure tax by 50 per cent from Scottish airports, something which Labour still oppose.
Based on the amended Income Tax Law, which becomes effective as of January 1, 2018, legal persons will have to pay a departure tax.
The departure tax will reach to 330,000 tomans and 440,000 tomans in the second and third times of departure for an individual.
The Scottish Government has proposed an alternative financial solution to the UK Government that would enable the Highlands and Islands to be exempted from Air Departure Tax (ADT) after the UK Government placed unacceptable conditions on notifying the exemption to the European Commission, says Finance Secretary Derek Mackay.
The Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly approved the Scottish Government's Air Departure Tax (Scotland) Bill in the Stage One vote on 25 April, with the vote going 112 to four in favour with six abstentions.
And, because APD is a UK departure tax, the domestic traveller ends up paying twice on return trips, when the international traveller pays it only once.
Offer includes: Price includes return economy airfare, hotel accommodation with breakfast, Disney Park entrance tickets for the duration of stay, room tax, service charges, airport departure tax and fuel surcharge.
The departure tax of 30 dinars, in force since October 2014, has infuriated Libyans wanting to leave Tunisia, which led the government to cancel it for Maghreb nationals.
Waiving departure tax for all scheduled flights from Aqaba and Amman, on the condition that tourists purchase the unified tourist site ticket and spend a minimum of three consecutive nights in Jordan.
1/2The issue of suspending the departure tax imposed on Libyan nationals is on the agenda of the government,[c] he specified, estimating that it is essential to give time to this government which has just taken office.
The CBI also wants a final decision on the guarantee for Hinkley Point C power station in Somerset, a reform of business rates and a freeze on APD airport departure tax for long-haul flights.
On Wednesday, the government started to impose a $17 (R191) departure tax on non-resident foreigners, officials said.