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Adj.1.depictive - depicted in a recognizable manner
representational - (used especially of art) depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen; "representational art"; "representational images"
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Depictive of the team's attitude, all of those three draws were obtained beyond the 89th minute, at home to Lyon, away at Everton and, most recently, in the 94th minute at the GSP against Atalanta.
If a uniquely powerful type of conscious attention--one that is not merely depictive or representational, but spiritually and aesthetically engaging--is what originally distinguished our species, how did this form of attention become compatible with conceptual attention, and what was the function or purpose of this kind of engaging attention?
Similar studies with use of nails as biomarkers for quantifying heavy metals in a wide variety of age groups of workers from iron welder workshops found in Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria were depictive of strong links between nutritional deficiencies and low concentration of zinc in nails.
Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a depictive recording of electrical activity of the heart over time.
This complex report of a genital-dialectical action-self unfolds across pageboards whose images are also and already intensifying depictive dialectics.
He said that we uprooted corruption from our ministries and made it responsive and depictive of the people aspirations.
If portraiture remains a bellwether of our conceptions of identity, this show asked what the genre can tell us when biological, social, and depictive technologies are unmooring, shifting, and remaking "identity" as never before.
While we toe the line of critical collaboration with his presumptive regime, we perceive this confidence-building effort by President Duterte to be brimming with hope, his adroit demonstration of diplomacy quite astounding, it being depictive of inroads for lasting solutions to roots of half a century of armed conflict, with ramifications leading in all probability to enduring peace, it added.
Berlin-based Filipina artist Lizza May David has been trying to make artworks that are different from what she has been doing for years--she has been openly concept-based; her art projects embedded within film, installation, and talkie-formats; propped up by socio-historical research; depictive of the creative process more than the created art works; and critical of mainstream curation as part of art history's selective information.
Integrating visual mental images and visual percepts: new evidence for depictive representations.
2) Its most depictive spelling shows a kneeling man with outstretched hands and mouth directed upwards next to a spirit altar.
Now, with this three-dimensional work, her depictive power has grown, and moved off the wall into the hall.