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tr.v. de·plet·ed, de·plet·ing, de·pletes
1. To consume or reduce to a very low amount; use up: drought that depleted the stores of grain.
2. To remove the contents or important elements of; empty out or exhaust: overfishing that depleted the lake of trout; farming practices that depleted the soil of nutrients.

[Latin dēplēre, dēplēt-, to empty : dē-, de- + plēre, to fill; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]

de·plet′a·ble adj.
Synonyms: deplete, drain, exhaust, sap1
These verbs mean to use up something important that is hard to replace. Deplete refers to gradually consuming something essential: Medical bills quickly depleted our savings. To drain is to draw down a resource or supply to a critical level: War often drains a nation's economy. Exhaust stresses depletion to a point of emptiness or uselessness: "The Depression had exhausted the capacity of private charities and state and local governments to cope with the needs of millions of unemployed Americans" (Patrick Maney).
Sap suggests a slow loss of something vital: "The [ivory] trade certainly sapped labor from farming and disrupted village life" (Eric Scigliano).
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Adj.1.depletable - capable of being depleted
exhaustible - capable of being used up
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Oil is one of the depletable riches which come only once to the lucky nations.
All these countries must sell their oil to finance their expenditures or to build an adequate financial fund for future generations, as oil is a depletable resource.
18, 1995, he said: "We have no choice but to develop the domestic economy so oil will be left with a limited share in the GDP as it is a depletable resource".
This way the lights could become effective additions to night lights across the globe, reducing our dependence on depletable and polluting sources of energy.
For a discussion of why the depletable nature of conventional energy sources is irrelevant analytically, see Benjamin Zycher, "World Oil Prices: Market Expectations, the House of Saud, and the Transient Effect of Supply Disruptions," American Enterprise Institute, June 2, 2016, http://www.
They, consider that the negative externalities are private or depletable externalities.
Sand is recognized as a depletable mineral, and its sale to oil companies for well fracking is qualifying income.
The costs of technology-based resources usually decline over the long term, while the costs of depletable natural resources inevitably increase.
Shri Sushil Kumar, Additional Secretary(Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change) said that the objective of the Environmental Guidelines for Buildings was to enable energy efficient, water co-efficient and green sufficient construction through reduced use of natural and depletable resources, recycling, recharge and reuse of water.
In relation to the extractive industry, that is, the mining sector, the ownership structure is 51% Zimbabwean and 49% foreign, because these are depletable resources.
Along with food, water and ammunition, power is a depletable resource for soldiers in the field.