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tr.v. de·pol·lut·ed, de·pol·lut·ing, de·pol·lutes
To remove the pollution from: depollute a river.
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The site will be depolluted, reforested and redeveloped into a green corridor of more than 3,000 hectares.
Vehicles are stored on an impermeable surface until they are completely depolluted.
We affirm the right to a healthy physical and moral depolluted environment is a basic right of each of us.
It was two days later when the car was being depolluted for the baler that the kittens were found in the boot.
Other countries, like Japan, also have similar legislation that requires that end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are depolluted, recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
They have to be depolluted before being scrapped and at least 80% of the vehivles must be recycled or reused.
To my astonishment, they tried to charge pounds 50 plus VAT, saying the car had to be depolluted before being disposed of.
The project will allow depolluted land to be reallocated for both public and private activities, namely the creation of beaches, parks, sports grounds, educational, health and museum infrastructure, as well as the implementation of social housing programmes.
There were further complications when it emerged that depolluted waste, classified as non-hazardous, was being turned away from landfill sites because sampling processes were still classifying it as hazardous.
Generally, The candidate purchases the depolluted equipment f
The situation is so rife, more than half of all cars going for scrap are not being depolluted properly.